Self Portrait as Self Expression

Thank you to everyone who made this a successful event!!!

B West Studio is happy to be hosting a 2nd Open-Mic night!!! Anyone is welcome to join us and share their creative thoughts!

Please join us on Friday, June 5th, from 7-9 p.m. for an open-mic to celebrate the closing of our current art exhibit, Self Portrait as Self Expression, an exhibit that explores the unique involvement each artist has with their creative work & their intimate interpretation of their role as an artist in our society which closes on June 6th. This exhibit includes installations of video and sound, poetry and written works, painting, sculpture and photography.

Many thanks to those that attended our opening reception on Friday, May 15th and special thanks to DJ Shskabob who provided great music throughout the evening!

Many local Buffalo artist's participated:

Laurie Tanner

Cairn Hedland

Peter Caruso

John E.Kennedy, Jr.

Scott Klaurens

Daniel Rodgers

Bruce Philip Bitmead

Candace Keegan

J. Tim Raymond

Jeff Freier

Madeleine Cutrona

Olive Freeland

Goseong Choi - NYC

Mina Park - NYC

Mary Ellen Bossert

Frank Santora

Sarafina Brunetto

Cornelia Dohse-Peck

Marc Duquette

Marilyn Hammer

Sal Patronaggio

Gary L. Wolfe

Kathy Tussing

Jeneieve Goss

Stephane-Laure Bernelin





 B West Studio thanks you for your continued support.



Untitled, Pastel on Paper, Laurie Tanner 


self-portrait as self-expression

The means by which one's personal characteristics are displayed; showing one's internal beliefs or character by means of external actions/changes and their creative involvement with the self interpreted through self-portrait.


I Am, Oil on Canvas, Candace Keegan


 This show remains on display through June 6th, 2009.