Halloween 2008 at B West  Studio

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event successful.


     Our event kicks off at 6 p.m. to celebrate new works of art by many of our favorite local artists. We will also be expecting some local musicians to perform including our beloved Blue Moon Siren. Please drop in...if you happen to be fun enough to appear in costume then you will be rewarded with an all Hallows Eve gift B West Style...hope to see you there!!!

     Just a reminder -  for all of you daring art collectors...all works of art are available for your walls at home...please help support our local (sometimes starving) artists!!!


Nate & Kate will be performing at B West Studio on Saturday, November 15th at 5p.m. Please join us for an exclusive show!!!

Nate & Kate @ B West Studio     Nate & Kate Music


B West Studio is located at 148 Elmwood Avenue between North and Allen Streets...please refer to this link for directions...thank you...

map to b west studio

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 Please note that this attachment can be downloaded and distributed by artists to assist in advertising for the event. Thank you.


Vote for Change!!

 Hellcats @ B West Studio